Online Design Advice

Let’s create your dream space!. With our online design services and curation. We will offer an integral consultation, guiding you from ideation to completion, bringing new ideas, and designs all within your budget.

The process consists of 3 stages:

1) Fill in a questionnaire, and send a virtual tour of all the spaces that you want us to design. Then we will schedule a call to discuss about your style and preferences. Duration: 45 minutes. Contact by e-mail:

2) After our exploratory call and after analyzing your style, we will give you a response with our proposal. This will include the design concept, with a mood board, reference images and renders with our approach.

3) We will schedule a follow up call to discuss our proposal, and understand your thoughts. Your feedback is crucial on this process. Remember! We can develop all stages of your project. Design, Permits, Construction and Millwork. We can guide the purchasing of your furniture with our curating services. Note: All depending on your location. Let's do it!.